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Sleep: The Most Important Component of Safe Behavior | 8/5/2021

Presenter: Korky Vault, Training Coordinator, CSM EMCIS Program

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All of us know what it’s like to be tired or sleepy. But what if you felt tired all day, every day? For many American workers, this is the norm.

Why are Americans not getting enough sleep? Experts think there are five main reasons:
  1. They don’t know the importance of sleep
  2. They have economic and social pressures to stay awake
  3. They simply have too much to d
  4. They suffer from sleep disorders
  5. They work shift work or more than 40 hours per week
When you get less sleep than you need, the results are often slowed reaction time, reduced vigilance, reduced decision-making ability, poor judgment, distraction during complex tasks, and loss of awareness.  The safety implications in all areas are staggering.

About the Speaker:
Korky Vault has more than 25 years of health and safety training experience in both the environmental laboratory and mining industries. She holds the MSHA IS, IU and IN certifications and has developed and conducted training for MSHA Part 48 courses and OSHA courses on Fall Protection, Confined Space Entry and Hazard Communication. In addition to believing that proper training will help prevent injuries and fatalities, she has a passion for understanding how our individual brain make-up can impact our daily lives, including safety in the workplace.

Location: Live Webcast
Website: https://smemi.personifycloud.com/PersonifyEbusiness/Events/SME-Events-Calendar/Meeting-Details/productId/16312065

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