Diversity and Inclusion

SME is dedicated to industry and organizational diversity and inclusion.

We are committed to creating an environment that draws upon the strength of the diversity of our Board and Committee leaders to meet and exceed the expectations of our members and customers.

In principle and in practice, SME and all its leadership value and seek diverse and inclusive participation within the mining and minerals community. SME promotes involvement and expanded access to leadership opportunity regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, nationality, or disability.

Committee Members

Meet the dedicated individuals driving our Inclusion & Diversity initiatives forward. Our committee members bring a wealth of expertise and passion to championing diversity within the mining sector.

Name Position Start End
Monique Parker Chair 01/27/2023 02/28/2026
Elisa Comis Secretary 03/01/2024 02/28/2025
Dr. Janet Baron Representative 03/01/2022 02/28/2025
Kathryn F. Kosloski Representative 03/01/2023 02/28/2026
Edward F. Zeglen, Jr, PE Representative 03/01/2022 02/28/2025
Ms. Anne L. Williamson Representative 03/01/2022 02/28/2025
Karin Harrington SME Staff 03/01/2021 02/28/2025
Laura A. Nelson SME Staff 03/01/2021 02/28/2025





Celebrating Diversity

In recognition of the outstanding achievements of women in mining, we proudly present the Cindy Moore Courageous Impact Award recipients. These remarkable individuals exemplify excellence, innovation, and leadership in their respective fields within the mining industry.

Delve into the stories of these women as they share their journeys, challenges, and triumphs in the mining sector. Their contributions and accomplishments serve as a testament to the diverse talent and expertise within our community.

Get Involved

Contribute to Advancing Inclusion & Diversity
Join us in providing structure, strategy, and programming guidance to the SME organization to enable the advancement of inclusion and diversity in the mining community.

Benefits of Involvement:
Network Building: Get to know other SME members as you expand your professional network within the mining industry.

Skill Development: Enhance your professional competencies through leadership development, project management training, and other skill-building opportunities.

Showcase Your Abilities: Showcase your skills and work style as you plan and implement activities and projects for SME members, contributing to the growth and success of the organization.

Volunteerism: Volunteers are the heart of a membership organization like SME. Volunteering is not only important and rewarding but also enjoyable. It's a fulfilling experience to know that your contributions help the organization and your colleagues in the mining industry. Plus, volunteering can be a lot of fun!

Programming Subcommittee:
Help produce programming around Inclusion & Diversity for conferences and webinars, including potentially partnering with other local and international organizations.

Strategic Alignment Subcommittee:
Ensure that Inclusion & Diversity is part of SME’s strategic plan, ensure diverse committees and leadership, and foster strategic partnerships with other organizations that support I&D.

Communication Subcommittee:
Communicate why Inclusion & Diversity is important; foster an I&D culture as part of SME’s identity (similar to safety culture); and develop I&D resources to help members, committees, and Sections.

Ready to Make an Impact?
Whether you're passionate about advancing inclusion and diversity or excited to contribute your skills and expertise to SME, we welcome your involvement. Contact us today to learn more about volunteering opportunities and how you can play a part in shaping the future of the mining community.

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