SME Strategic Plan

Adopted in February 2020, the SME Strategic Plan outlines four areas of focus to strengthen the association and the industry.

Over the next five years the SME Board of Directors, volunteers and SME staff will work together to accomplish these critical objectives.

Association Growth StrategicGoals-EnvStewardship.jpg
Industry Innovation Industry Workforce

2020 SME Strategic Plan

New Strategic Committees

To support the strategic plan, new strategic committees have been created to align with the association’s focus. SME Strategic Committees are:
  • Association Growth
  • Industry Innovation
  • Industry Workforce
  • Responsible Mining and Underground Construction (this committee will address the goals of Environmental Stewardship)
Three current Strategic Committees (Education & Professional Development, Outreach, and Products & Services) have been dissolved and their purposes refocused to these new committees. Three other Strategic Committees (Finance, Nominating, and Structure & Governance) have been changed to standing committees.‚Äč