Volunteer with SME

Enhance your skills and build your professional network

Your volunteer efforts make a difference. From boardroom to classroom, opportunities to impact SME and the community you live in are plentiful. Not only does volunteering help SME, it benefits you:

  • Give back to the mining community through SME’s programs and services. Get to know other SME members as you build your professional network.

  • Enhance your professional competencies through the development of leadership, project management and other skills.

  • Showcase your skills and work style, as you plan and implement activities and projects for SME’s members.

  • Volunteers are the heart of a membership organization like SME. Volunteering is important, rewarding and enjoyable. It’s a good feeling to know that what you’re doing helps the organization and your colleagues in the mining industry. Best of all, volunteering can be a lot of fun.

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