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Afosi Taliat Olatunde


Student at Federal University of Technology Akure, Nigeria

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What sparked your interest in pursuing a career in mining and minerals?
I have always believed the true definition of success is to make positive impacts. I see Mining as a profession beyond “extraction and processing”. To make mining is what makes the world what it is today; it touches the most important aspects of man’s daily activities and most importantly, it deals with community development. It is that discipline that makes one explore the world.
What part of your career makes you the most excited?
As I mentioned earlier, mining is beyond extraction and processing. The most exciting part of my mining career is my ability to let people understand what mining is all about, and making impacts with my little capacity. I mean, I have got series of messages from folks saying the way I showcase the beauty of mining makes them more interested in mining. I think those are enough for me to be excited and keeps me going.
What mining/engineering innovations are you most excited about?
Hmm, somehow deep. First, I think all advanced technological innovations are in one way or the other dealing with minerals. In that case, mining is changing the world, which indeed makes me excited. The most trending mining/engineering innovation right now is AI (Artificial Intelligence). All industries want automation in their various operations. So, I will say automation in mining/engineering.
Where do you think the industry will take you in the next decade?
I have always wanted to change the negative perspective people have about mining especially in the Africa continent. I see myself as someone changing those negative narratives through technological means, technical resources and community development.   
What is something that someone outside the industry would find surprising about what you do?
This is an interesting question. A lot of folks out there do not know what mining entails. From the cell phone they use, the computer they operate on, the road they drive on, the cars they have, the plane they board and even the buildings they leave, all deals with minerals. Mining is just what makes the world possible and I know a lot of folks don’t know about this.
What is something your SME membership has given you that you didn’t anticipate when you first joined?
Well, I joined SME 5years ago simply to network and have access to technical resources. Then, as time went on, I got to understood Mining is not abstract as most folks think. Joining SME has helped me to drive out my potentials, talent and let me understand what mining is truly about.