Miners Give Back

The first Miners Give Back (MGB) project took place on February 26, 2010, when 25 men and women gathered to help Arizona teachers. After a very busy afternoon, the volunteers had created hundreds of needed items for Arizona classrooms. In 2011, 61 persons from the mining industry gathered to help the Food Bank of the Rockies. The volunteers packed meals for more than 4,000 people during their day at the food bank. In 2012, 21 volunteers spent part of a day working at the Food Lifeline of Seattle, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending hunger in western Washington. In all, their volunteer work produced more than 2,900 meals for the needy in Washington. In 2015, the MGB program began a three-year partnership with Engineers without Borders (EWB) to leverage EWB’s global network of on-the-ground engineers in developing countries that implement multiple projects to address the needs identified by a community. EWB’s mission complimented that of MGB’s: to support world-wide initiatives focused on humanitarian efforts that tangibly improved the lives of individuals and inspired a commitment to give back to the local community. The newest Miners Give Back initiative is intended to increase the level of participation by the SME Sections in humanitarian efforts and community service and provide rewards/recognition each year for the outstanding project(s). For multiple projects, please submit an application for each project.

Past Recipients

2023 – Colorado Section of SME
2022 – SME Upper Peninsula and the Wisconsin Sections
2021 – SME Pittsburgh Section

For more information, please contact SME at awards@smenet.org.