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June 4

Mining and Gender: 5 Ways to Improve Your Job and Your Company

Despite recent public statements and efforts by many mining companies, women account for less than 16% of the workforce in mining. So why is it so hard to get — and keep — great women in mining? Part of it is the work environment. Women in mining can face headwinds when it comes to promotions, work-life balance, unconscious bias and more. Sure, human resources and management need to shoulder most of the burden when it comes to building a more inclusive company. But there are things individuals can do to address these issues and make their jobs, and their lives, easier. This webinar specifically talks about five different strategies that can be implemented at the grass roots or individual level: support groups, mentoring, gender champions, grievance mechanisms, and more flexible career paths. It also talks about possible low-hanging fruit that are easy for companies to pursue, and which will make the lives of their female employees better. The idea for this webinar was suggested by those who had taken Resource Stakeholders’ e-course, “Building a Gender-Inclusive Company”, which is designed primarily for human resources personnel and management.

June 13

Today’s Mine Tailings are Tomorrow's Construction Materials – Here’s How

The conversion of mine tailings (MTs) into sustainable construction materials presents an innovative solution that addresses the mining industry's environmental and human impacts and the construction sector's sustainability needs. MTs are finely ground residuals after the valuable metals and minerals extracted from the ore beneficiation process. The handling and storage of MTs are costly and pose significant environmental and safety risks, including air pollution, leaching of heavy metals, and tailings dam failures. Reusing MTs provides promising opportunities to promote a circular economy by reducing the need to consume natural resources, decreasing MTs deposition, and providing cheaper and more sustainable materials for building and construction. This webinar starts with characterizing MTs and evaluating their physical, mineralogical, and chemical properties. Then, it provides an overview of our explored technologies for producing sustainable building materials, specifically geopolymer bricks, lightweight aggregates, and ceramics, all derived from MTs. By the end of the webinar session, attendees will gain valuable insights into the feasibility and performance of these sustainable materials all derived from MTs.