Annual Report

SME’s annual report is a snapshot of how well we leverage our expertise, strength, and influence to make a difference each year.

Throughout the year the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME) focus efforts on elevating critical industry initiatives, increasing awareness of industry trends, providing first-rate professional development, and ensuring growth in the rapidly evolving mining industry.

Review how we are involved across the industry in our Annual Report including:

  • Membership program development

  • Strategic operational goals

  • Program and educational innovation

  • Important legislative and regulatory wins at national and state levels

SME 2021 Annual Report cover

SME Annual Report 2022

"SME continues to advance our society and industry through a series of new initiatives to deal with a changing world."

SME 2021 Annual Report cover

SME Annual Report 2021

"As we look to the future, a number of factors will have a major effect upon our industry, and SME can and will play a major part in all
of them. One clear example is the country’s focus on various clean energy technologies that contribute to what’s known as the 'green

SME 2020 Annual Report cover

SME Annual Report 2020

"SME also adapted and improved in the way we work together and the way we present the best of mining and underground construction information to the public. The implementation of the 2020 Strategic Plan indicated that we needed to change some of our committee structures. We established strategic committees to address our goals and promote them through our Industry Innovation, Industry Workforce, Responsible Mining and Underground Construction, and Association Growth committees."

SME 2019 Annual Report cover

SME Annual Report 2019

"A major effort this year has been devoted to expanding value creation for members, particularly for those unable to attend conferences or directly participate in SME activities at a national or international level. As such, SME is committed to developing a high-quality, world-class website that is functional and easy to navigate, and has dedicated more than $400,000 toward its development."

SME 2018 Annual Report cover

SME Annual Report 2018

"During 2018, we focused on our vision, to be the premier resource and advocate for the mining community and our core values: innovation, professional excellence and member first, coming full circle to our strategic plan."

SME 2017 Annual Report cover

SME Annual Report 2017

"SME activities in 2017 were primarily focused on the Health of the Society, Educational sustainability, Local section engagement, Public perception and Safety and health integration, or H-E-L-P-S, as I like to abbreviate it.  In addition, there were several things that came out of the bushes, demanded attention and made 2017 an interesting year."

SME 2016 Annual Report cover

SME Annual Report 2016

"We have accomplished a lot this last year by working with the local sections. President-elect John Mansanti has carried on the work with an ad-hoc committee of local section officers in identifying issues important to local sections and then identifying how SME Headquarters can assist them with these issues. Our intent is for local sections to be served well by the head office, and for them to rely on one another for assistance and advice in running a thriving local section. There have been many other efforts we have spent significant time on this year. We have always had the good fortune of a hard-working staff, and that hasn’t changed. Good ideas excite them, and we are reaping the rewards."

SME 2015 Annual Report cover

SME Annual Report 2015

"It has been my honor and privilege to serve as SME President this past year. It has been an exciting year filled with challenges. Almost every mining sector is down with significant layoffs. The coal sector has been hit extremely hard and most likely will not come back to its previous level. History tells us that other mining sectors will rebound in time."

SME 2014 Annual Report cover

SME Annual Report 2014

"2014 has been a year of mixed sentiments for SME and its membership. The SME organization achieved its tenth consecutive year of operating surplus, following nine consecutive years of operating losses (1996 and 2004). Membership has continued to grow at a slow but steady rate. SME paid down all of its debt in mid-2014, including the debt incurred as a result of the highly successful relocation to new offices in Englewood, CO. We advanced a number of key initiatives to update SME’s infrastructure, and to improve product and services delivery capability during the year."

SME 2013 Annual Report cover

SME Annual Report 2013

"2013 has been a year of expansion and outreach for SME. The Society has enjoyed internal as well as external growth focused on building a stronger community and a broader footprint that extends beyond our traditional boarders. The guiding principal behind this growth is to ensure SME’s relevancy and value to members, as well as the larger community. Growth milestones for 2013 are numerous. They include membership passing the 15,000 mark, the addition of six new student chapters and the revitalization of the Wisconsin Chapter, to name a few of the highlights."

SME 2012 Annual Report cover

SME Annual Report 2012

"Last year marked the first time an SME annual report was prepared to cover the many activities of the Society. This report allows members and others in the mining community to gain a quick overview of the activities and accomplishments of the Society over the past year."

SME 2011 Annual Report cover

SME Annual Report 2011

"It is my pleasure to share with you some highlights of the past year in this inaugural issue of the SME Annual Report. SME continues to grow — both in membership numbers and in the quality and quantity of products and services delivered to our members. These outcomes are the result of a great team effort. Many members and the staff devote their skills and countless hours to the realization of the SME purpose “To be THE resource and advocate for the mining community.” As members, we should all be thankful for an effective and dedicated team."