SME Strategic Plan

Adopted in February 2020, the SME Strategic Plan outlines four areas of focus to strengthen the association and the industry.

Over the next five years the SME Board of Directors, volunteers and SME staff will work together to accomplish these critical objectives.

Association Growth
Industry Innovation
Industry Workforce

2020 SME Strategic Plan

SME Strategic Committees

SME has four Strategic Committees which align with the Society’s Strategic Goals outlined above. These include:
  • Association Growth
  • Industry Innovation
  • Industry Workforce
  • Responsible Mining and Underground Construction (this committee will address the goals of Environmental Stewardship)

Individuals for these top level committees are nominated by SME Members and selected by the SME Nominating Committee. A total of six individual SME members will serve three year rotating terms. They are required to meet face to face at the SME Annual and Midyear meetings and may need to meet at additional times to achieve their goals. They provide written and oral reports to the SME Board. Each committee includes a board representative along with the staff liaison. If you have an interest in helping to further any of the strategic goals and in joining a strategic committee, please contact Genny Homyack at for more information. Nominations are accepted annually prior to July 1.