Student Chapter Annual Report Contest Submissions

Annual Report Guidelines

Student Chapters play an important role in professional development. Each year since 1967, SME has recognized the most outstanding student chapter. This award is one of high distinction because it is evidence that a chapter has conducted its business in a professional manner.

  • An index to cover the contents of the report

  • An update list of Student Chapter Officers for the upcoming year

  • Membership (identification of Student Chapter officers, members, Faculty Sponsor, and Section Counselor)

  • Student Chapter activities (sequential listing of activities including a description of the program in paragraph or outline form, names of participants, and, if appropriate, results of participation and attendance information)

  • Treasurer's report

  • Secretary's report

  • Miscellaneous (photographs, etc., as documentation of special events)

  • MEC Section: To be considered for the SME Student Chapter MEC Award, you must include a separate chapter of information in the Annual Report regarding your Chapter’s MEC program, community service and/or other educational outreach activities. The award selection committee will use the material written in your report to select the award recipient.

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Production Criteria

The annual report:

  • should not exceed 25-35 pages, excluding cover pages, the table of contents and section dividers

  • must be set in type no smaller than 12 points; and

  • must have at least one-inch margins.

Student Chapter officers must be an SME member, Chapter bylaws must be up-to-date, and annual reports must be received by SME Headquarters no later than June 1.