SME Past Presidents

SME has been privileged enough to have drawn incredible individuals to lead our board of directors, implement strategic decisions, and facilitate operations with the best interest of the members and the industry in mind. During their tenure as president, they give generously of their time, networks, and professional expertise to make a lasting impression on the Society. We recognize these special members and applaud their work. We are pleased to host a Past Presidents’ breakfast once a year at our annual meeting where we report on the Society’s activities and welcome the Presidents’ invaluable feedback.

SME Past President Year  
K. Marc Le Vier 2023  
Ronald L. Parratt 2022  
William W. Edgerton 2021  
Robert Schafer 2020  
Dr. Hugh Miller 2019  
Dr. Barbara Arnold 2018  
John Mansanti 2017  
Tim Arnold 2016  
J. Steven Gardner 2015  
John O. Marsden 2014  
Dr. Jessica Kogel 2013 Deceased
Drew A. Meyer 2012  
John N. Murphy 2011 Deceased
Dr. Nikhil C. Trivedi 2010  
Dr. William H. Wilkinson 2009  
Dr. George W. Luxbacher 2008  
James R. Arnold 2007  
Dr. Brij M. Mougdil 2006  
Barbara A. Filas 2005  
Arthur A. Schweizer 2004  
Dr. Thomas J. O'Neil 2003  
Dr. Michael Karmis 2002  
Ta M. Li 2001  
Dr. Donald E. Ranta 2000  
James W. Boyd 1999  
Dr. Ihor A. Kunasz 1998  
Dr. Richard R. Klimpel 1997 Deceased
Dr. John F. Burst 1996 Deceased
Dr. Raja V. Ramani 1995  
Robert C. Freas 1994  
Dr. Donald W. Gentry 1993 Deceased
Mark A. Anderson 1992  
Ted H. Eyde 1991  
Dr. Roshan B. Bhappu 1990 Deceased
Robert E. Murray 1989 Deceased
Dr. Haydn H. Murray 1988 Deceased
Bruce A. Kennedy 1987 Deceased
Dr. A. Tobey Yu 1986 Deceased
Dr. Thomas V. Falkie 1985 Deceased
Frederic L. Kadey, Jr. 1984 Deceased
Louis Kuchinic, Jr. 1983 Deceased
Dr. Maurice C. Fuerstenau 1982 Deceased
Dr. Alfred Weiss 1981 Deceased
Nelson Severinghaus, Jr. 1980 Deceased
Robert Stefanko 1979 Deceased
Robert S. Shoemaker 1978 Deceased
Donald O. Rausch 1977 Deceased
John F. Havard 1976 Deceased
R.L. Llewellyn 1975 Deceased
Dr. Donald A. Dahlstrom 1974 Deceased
Robert H. Merrill 1973 Deceased
Robert M. Grogan 1972 Deceased
James D. Reilly 1971 Deceased
H. Rush Spedden 1970 Deceased
Brower Dellinger 1969 Deceased
Raymond H. Feierabend 1968 Deceased
Dennis L. McElroy 1967 Deceased
Wayne L. Dowdey 1966 Deceased
Jack M. Ehrhorn 1965 Deceased
Sanford S. Cole 1964 Deceased
Edward G. Fox 1963 Deceased
William B. Stephenson 1962 Deceased
James C. Gray 1961 Deceased
Arthur B. Cummins 1960 Deceased
J.W. Woomer 1959 Deceased
Stanley D. Michaelson 1958 Deceased
Elmer A. Jones 1957 Deceased
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